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Born 1989 in Hollywood, California I've spent majority of my life in California. Until the year I joined the Air Force in 2010. During training I received notification that I'd be stationed at WPAFB Dayton, OH. At the time I didn't know much about Ohio, other than that Drew Carey was from there. That last part is a joke, but i really didn't know too much about the area. I will never forget the first day I arrived. It was 70 degrees in California when I left and when I arrived to Dayton it was 20 degrees :| At first I didn't want to be here, only family I had was my Air Force family. It wasn't until I married the love of my life and she moved to the area in 2012 that I started to enjoy Ohio. During my last deployment in 2015 I made the decision that I would get my real estate license. Coming from a family of real estate investors and agents I knew that eventually I'd become one myself. I received my real estate license in December of 2015. I love helping people get the home of their dreams, invest in real estate, or with selling property. If ever in need of any real estate transaction please contact. I will provide you with up most professionalism and best of all I'll get the job done.

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